Get To Know Us A Little Better

Eunoia is a small Web Design company with a passion for excellence . We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our clients and the success they wish to achieve.

Our goal is to help small to medium sized businesses enter the online market at affordable prices and to increase their yearly revenue.

Our Web designs are for those who take their business seriously, simply because we do and we’d have it no other way.

Our office is located in Palaio Faliro, Athens Greece and we can deliver our services to any business in Europe.

Eunoia Web Design is officially registered in the E.U  and have an excellent reputation for providing reliable and consistent customer service. We promise to never leave you hanging.

We provide tax invoices and receipts for all our services and can be tax deductible if you have a registered business in the E.U.

The cost of our Web Design & Services are competitive. The quality of our work is exemplary. We want nothing more than to see your business succeed because striving for optimum results is what we want to achieve as a business.

Why did we choose the name EUNOIA;

Eunoia derives from the Ancient Greek word εὔνοια ‎(eúnoia, “goodwill”, literally “well-mindedness”), from εὖ ‎(eû, “well, good”) + νόος ‎(nóos, “mind, spirit”). These are our core values.

By breaking down our services we give you the opportunity to add to your website whenever and wherever you can. Our Pay Per Service option has been created with your business in mind. This works by breaking down the services that are provided in the Web Design Business Deluxe Pack and giving you the opportunity to take control of your website by adding to your site as your company grows, making your presence online impressionable to your users