eShop Web Design For Wholesale Packaging Companies

Our Web Designs provide easy navigation making a purchase within your store easy and convenient for all users around the world.

Our Designs are based on the needs of your business with an easy user interface (UI) that allows your customers to purchase in a few easy steps.

Our Web Designs are unique and modern. We present your store and the services you offer with easy navigation for your customers / users, giving them the convenience to share with friends across all social networks with a simple click and easy to purchase products in as little as 3 steps.

  • Our packages offer Μarketing concepts & ideas that make your business stand out.
  • We create banners for use on your website.
  • We register your business on all Google apps like, Google Business, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google Webmasters.
  • We ensure that your business has organic growth by implementing SEO strategies on your website.
  • We also register your website/eshop with BING, Yandex, Yahoo
  • We ensure that you have your website/eshop correctly set up for GDPR
  • We accept custom request
  • We provide full support to all our customers at any moment
  • Newsletter signup intergration
  • Coupon discounts for promoting your services via social networks
  • Wholesale login for private members where they can see different prices set in store. (with Tax without tax etc)
  • Min & Max quantities for purchases
  • Bulk purchase pricing
  • Responsive pricing matrix for you to display products and service prices in a responsive HTML5 table fit for all devices.

eShop Web Design For Wholesale Packaging Companies With SEO

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