Web Design For Organisations

Web Design For Associations and Foundations With SEO

A well designed website without too much clutter. Easy to read layout for both skim readers and researchers.

Our websites are unique and modern. A well branded website to present your online organisation/ foundation or society filled with services and information that you provide with easy navigation for your readers and the ability to share with their friends through all social networks with a share button.

  • Our packages offer Μarketing concepts & ideas that make your business stand out.
  • We create banners for use on your website.
  • We register your business on all Google apps like, Google Business, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google Webmasters.
  • We ensure that your business has organic growth by implementing SEO strategies on your website.
  • We also register your website/eshop with BING, Yandex, Yahoo
  • We ensure that you have your website/eshop correctly set up for GDPR Compliancy
  • We accept custom request
  • We provide full support to all our customers at any moment
  • Online Reservation System that allows your members to book an appointment or reserve a seat for a function  in a few easy steps.
  • Online instant message form that gives your members the opportunity to reach out and ask some questions.
  • Quality SEO with content targeted to reach your audience in the countries of your choice.

Web Design For Associations and Foundations With SEO

ClientSGI Ελλάς -διεθνείς Σόκα Γκακκαϊ ServiceΚατασκευή, Σχεδιασμός Web DesignLinkwww.sgi-hellas.grYear2017LocationΑθήναBooking SystemΌχιPhoto GalleryΝαιContact FormΝαιBlogΌχιOperating HoursΌχιGoogle MapsΝαιCustom RequestsΝαιHTML5 AutoresponderΝαιResponsiveΝαιPlatformWordpressMultilingualΝαι - 2 γλώσσεςScript LanguagePHP, CSS, HTML5, JSHigh ResolutionΝαιExtrasMembers Only, CRM

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