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Professional Web Design for small to medium sized business

Professional Web Design for small to medium sized business
Professional Web Design for small to medium sized business2016-11-29T16:40:37+00:00

Professional Web Design for small to medium sized business

We create unique and professional Web Designs to help make your online business stand out

Our Web designs are based on understanding what our clients needs are and we help them project that throughout their websites. We create unique and professional designs to help make your online business expand. We often get asked for marketing tips, design and creation. We help create the look and feel of your business and provide information, understanding and support all year round. We understand how important your business means to you and that’s why we care. Your business, is our business!


Our Pay Per Service option helps your online business take off

Pay Per Service options to help your business take off

Start with the Basics and add to your site as you go along. Build your online business at a pace that you can afford. Start with our Web Design Starter Pack and add to it when you are ready! Whether it’s now or later, it’s never a problem.

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Our designs are for those who take their business seriously, simply because we do.

We have a passion for excellence . We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our clients and how important your online business presence really is.

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Our Web Designs have a Responsive Layout and are easily viewed on all types of mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

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Κατασκευή και σχεδιασμός ιστοσελίδων για τάμπλετ
Responsive web design for mobile devices

Effective Planning Produces Results

1. Communication

Communication is key when starting a new project. To fully understand our clients needs we listen to what they want and we strive to make it even better. To achieve an excellent result we make sure that we empathise with our client so we can create a site as if it is our own. We care that much!

2. Planning

Planning a project may take some time but after we have implemented our strategy and gather all the information we need, we create your online presents within a shorter time frame. We discuss together the plan and we make sure that all is done in good time. Planning makes perfect!

3. Implementation

After creating a plan, the next stage would be to implement the strategy. This takes time and dedication. The best results are achieved when we combine all our options and then implement them, creating a successful result.

4. Depth Testing

After we complete our project we ensure to take some extra time to ensure we test all areas once again just before handing it over. That way, we are giving to you that extra care needed to make sure your business not only looks but but is also functional. We go that extra mile.

Make your business stand out today!

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5. Delivery

We promise to deliver the best possible results so you and your business make an impression in the digital world. We will provide you support for any questions or queries you may have before, during and after the project. We know how important your business is to you, and that is why we are here.

Take a look at our services….

Web Design for small to medium sized business

Web Design with SEO

E-shop web design

E-Shop Design with SEO

Blog design for small businesses

Βlog Design with SEO

Facebook business page creation

Business page creation for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Adding pages to wordpress website

Adding pages to WordPress Websites

Ρύθμιση και Εκατάσταση του WordPress σε διακομιστή

Help installing your WordPress on a server

Διακομιστής και Φιλοξενία για τον ιστότοπό σας

Server and Hosting options for your website

Δημιουργία λογαριασμό με Google Analytics

 Google Analytics account setup

Πολυγλωσσικός Σχεδιασμός για την ιστοσελίδα σας

Multi language Websites

Μετάφραση ιστοσελίδων

Website translations for businesses

Εππαγγελματικές Εικόνες για την ιστοσελίδα σας

Stock Images for your website

Πως να Ετοιμάστε το περιεχόμενό σας για την Eunoia Web Design

Preparing the content for your website

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+30 2108940317

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Our office location 

V.Hpeirou 66, Glyfada, Athens

*By appointment only

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